The Team

Matthew Zeiler
Founder & CEO
Matthew received a PhD in machine learning and image recognition with the pioneers of deep learning and convolutional neural networks. His research produced the top 5 results in the 2013 ImageNet classification competition.
David Eigen
Lead Research Scientist
David will receive his PhD from NYU in the spring, focusing on applications of convolutional neural networks. His research includes the ImageNet 2013 localization winner OverFeat, and the RMRC 2014 winning depth-prediction entry. Previously he worked on anti-spam systems at Cisco IronPort, after completing his ScB at Brown.
Ryan Compton
Head of Applied Machine Learning
Ryan completed a PhD in applied mathematics at UCLA with a focus on sparsity-promoting optimization and was previously a research staff member at Howard Hughes laboratories. His recent work on geolocation in social media has been covered in Forbes, the New York Observer, and Business Insider among other places.
Caroline McCaffery
General Counsel
Caroline has 15 years of experience in counseling and providing legal services to technology startup companies, both as in-house and outside counsel. Her most recent role was General Counsel at Sailthru, Inc. Caroline received her JD from New York University School of Law, is admitted to both the CA and NY bars and is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US).
Jason Novack
Director of Business Operations
Jason joins Clarifai from Placemeter, a computer vision based urban intelligence platform. Previous roles include designing avionics systems at DRS Technologies. He holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University and a B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis.
Dan Kantor
VP of Product
Dan joins Clarifai from Rhapsody International where he served as VP of Product after acquiring the company he founded, Exfm. He has over 10 years of experience in the technology space having spent time at AOL, Yahoo, Delicious and Microsoft. Dan holds a Master’s degree from ITP at NYU and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan.
Robert Wen
Principal Machine Learning Engineer
Robert joins Clarifai with a fresh Master's degree in Computer Science at NYU and 10 years of experience prior to that. Most recently he worked at Hewlett-Packard dealing with server performance and scalability issues on big machines with terabytes of RAMs and hundreds of cores. Before that, he worked at Oracle solving complex issues on Linux and virtualization. He lives in Brooklyn and plays badminton in every possible court over there.
Rudi Chiarito
Senior Infrastructure Engineer
Rudi started back when you'd take over BASIC interpreter vectors at $0302+ for fun and profit. He worked on proteomics software at Mayo Clinic; most recently, at Google, he helped YouTube store cat videos efficiently and a lot more. He likes long distance running and food — not clear which one leads to the other.
Marshall Jones
Director of Design
Marshall joins Clarifai from Rhapsody International where he served as Design & UX Director after the company he founded, Exfm, was acquired. He has over 10 years of experience in the design and technology space having spent time at NBC Universal, AOL, and Sony Music. His other passions include coffee, cats, and code – not necessarily in that order.
Jade Misenas
Senior Frontend Engineer
Jade is passionate about building fast and clean software primarily with JavaScript but likes to get out of her comfort zone and explore new languages & tech. She was part of the Recurse Center batch in Summer 2013. Outside of work, Jade loves to contribute to open source projects, solve programming puzzles and walk around NYC.
Amy Liu
Director of Marketing, Content
Amy is a full-stack marketer (yes, that is a thing) and former Air Force captain with an MBA from the University of Chicago. She obsesses over marketing analytics and creating epic content, whether it’s for Clarifai or for her internet-famous gaming blog.
Jesse Mouallek
Account Executive
Jesse joins us after 2 years in the startup scene. He has a background in corporate finance and holds an MBA from ESSEC Business School, Paris France. He has diverse interests in entrepreneurship, fashion tech, and surfing.
Chris Fox
Machine Learning Engineer
Chris finished a MS in Computer Science at North Carolina State University, focusing on topic modeling for his master's thesis. Before joining Clarifai, he interned on the Google Now, AdWords, and iCloud teams.
Jared Lerner
Senior Support Engineer
Jared is a seasoned software support ninja person with a Bachelors in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business. When he's not busy turning clients' frowns upside down, he enjoys drumming, traveling to crazy places, going to Yankees and Giants games and giving his cat Juliet as many belly rubs as she can handle before she runs away for no reason.
Jason Culler
Senior Designer
Jason joins Clarifai from Rhapsody International where he served as Art Director and User Experience Designer. He has over 10 years of experience in multiple design disciplines, with a focus on creating things that are usable, meaningful, and filled with delight. He loves coffee, obsessively works on improving his penmanship, and pretty much experiences the world through delicious food.
Nand Dalal
Senior Research Engineer
Nand recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a BSE in Computer Science Engineering. He has worked on deep learning research in both academia with Professor Honglak Lee and in industry at Qualcomm Research. He enjoys traveling and playing table tennis.
Ryan Dawidjan
Product Strategist
Ryan joins Clarifai from Wildcard, a New York mobile startup where he served as Head of Operations. Ryan is passionate about working with customers and developers to build valuable products for understanding and managing visual content. Before and after work he is an avid cyclist, tech early adopter and GIF aficionado.
Keeyon Ebrahimi
Machine Learning Engineer
Keeyon Ebrahimi is now a full time engineer after being an intern twice at Clarifai. Keeyon has received a Master's degree in Computer Science at NYU, and a bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Utah. Prior to being a HackNY fellow and interning at Clarifai, Keeyon was a developer at L3-Communications. Aside from developing, Keeyon greatly enjoys playing soccer, guitar, board games, and listening to stand up comedy.
Alex Rose
Alex joins Clarifai as a Recruiter, Machine Learning Enthusiast, and Spirited MINI Driver. She graduated from UC Davis with degrees in Political Science & Psychology and has been recruiting ever since. When Alex is not at Clarifai, you can find her at conferences, car shows, and coffee shops. She also likes alliteration.
Josh Tepper
Senior Software Engineer
Josh joined Clarifai after spending 3.5 years at Google where he focused on expanding and improving structured data and answers on the search results page. Before that he wrote trading systems for a financial firm. Josh has a BS in Physics from Carnegie Mellon University with a focus on computer science and computational physics. He enjoys skiing and rock climbing.
Shirley Kim
Social Media Manager
Shirley joins from Boxed where she pioneered their social presence. She loves puns, speaks in fluent #’s + @’s, and is passionate about spreading joy + delight while connecting with those around her. If she’s not at Clarifai, you’ll most likely find her at home with her hubs in their pjs, somewhere in the mountains, or biking along the west side.
Habib Talavati
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Habib joins Clarifai from Amazon where he spent a year building an analytics system to make sense of a fast growing advertising platform. Prior to that he worked for Bloomberg writing code to calculate financial risk. He has completed an interdisciplinary MSc from Chalmers University, Sweden, focused on complex systems, and a MSc in mathematics from Texas A&M University focused on scientific computing. Habib carves wood, and loves to research random topics in depth and write about them in his blog.
Zack Grundleger
Sales Development Representative
Zack is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland where he received his degree in accounting with a concentration in consulting. He joins Clarifai to perpetuate advancements in artificial intelligence and the inevitable robot apocalypse. Outside of the business arena, he is a triathlete and enthusiast of all things deep-fried.
Junaid Warwani
Software Engineer
Junaid got his BASc from University of Toronto in 2016. His focus on financial engineering did not teach him how to game the stock market. He has previously held roles at Microsoft and various startups, and co-founded a non-profit, Suits U, that helps students dress to impress. When he’s not working, Junaid will be watching Manchester United, playing board games, or falling into YouTube rabbit holes.
Jack Li
Senior Infrastructure Engineer
Jack received a PhD in computer science from Georgia Tech with a focus on resource management in distributed systems. He is passionate about social justice and using technology to improve society.
Mike Vaccarino
Senior Account Executive
Michael joins us from Chartbeat, a real-time analytics startup where he led the European Strategic Sales team and helped global media companies adopt data driven newsroom strategies. When he’s not ushering in the artificial intelligence revolution, you can find him exploring New York’s restaurants or traveling around the world. He graduated with a BA from the University of Michigan.
Amy Kim
Senior Product Manager
Amy joins Clarifai from Squad, where she focused on product, design, and growth. Prior to Squad, she founded Miscellaneous Mischief, launching a number of viral consumer products. She started her career in investment banking and is the founder of Verte(x), a community of women focused on building meaningful relationships. Amy studied Math and Studio Art at UNC-CH and loves watching silly dog videos.
Andrea Frome
Director of Research
Since earning her Ph.D. in Computer Vision and Machine Learning from UC Berkeley, Andrea has worked on several large-scale engineering and machine learning projects including computer vision for Google Street View, research into embedding and reinforcement learning for computer vision with Google Brain, and various efforts on the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign tech team. She enjoys hobbies that complement time spent in front of the computer, including rowing, Argentine tango, and flying trapeze.
Jimmy Hickey
Head of Frontend Engineering
Jimmy is joining Clarifai from the Hillary Clinton campaign where he worked as an Engineering Manager in in charge of organizing and events tools. Prior to that, he has spent time at Sprinklr, Bloomberg Philanthropies and Apple. Jimmy has a Bachelor's degree in music technology from the Oberlin Conservatory and tries to keep music in his life through collecting (and sometimes playing) acoustic instruments.
Michalene Becker
Senior Growth Marketing Manager
Michalene joins Clarifai from ShareThis. Previous roles include positions in marketing research at Hearst Magazines and Millward Brown. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from SUNY New Paltz. When she’s not working, you’ll find her at one of NYC’s many music venues.
Claire Geist
Data Strategist
Claire can proudly say she teaches robots for a living as our first Data Strategist. Fresh from nearly two years curating high quality datasets for the Cortex team over at Twitter, she gets to mine the best content to help build our models. When she’s not working, she makes her own content on her personal style blog, De Lune.
Michael Tolbert
Data Strategist
Michael joins Clarifai from Twitter Cortex, where he worked vigorously to teach their nascent AI about the real world - mostly the birds and the bees. He's passionate (borderline obsessive to be honest) about music and the music industry, and will absolutely ask you what you're listening to on the elevator. He graduated with a BA from the University of Illinois.
Minh Tran
Data Strategist
Minh joins Clarifai from Twitter, where he spent a year trawling through millions of tweets/images/videos and categorizing them into neat little piles, all to feed the machine. In his free time, you might find him dreaming up costume ideas for Comic Con or tracking down the perfect bowl of pho.
Karen Herder
Data Strategist
Karen joins Clarifai from Twitter, where she worked for two years on the Cortex team as an artificial intelligence curator, teaching robots about the world and passionately working to make the internet a safer place. She is a professional photographer, with ten years experience in portraiture and fine art photography. She studied Art & Design at Texas State University, graduating with a BFA. When not wrangling robots, you’ll find Karen wandering the world with her camera, time-traveling at The Cloisters, or daydreaming about Texas kolaches.
Liz O'Sullivan
Lead Client Success Manager
Liz joins Clarifai from RealMatch, where she helped build a Customer Success team to support newspaper publishers throughout the United States. In her spare time, you're likely to find her nerding out to various comic books, sci-fi novels, and fantasy TV shows. She is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill with a focus in Philosophy, and is happy to discuss the meaning of life at any time!
Bradley Raxenberg
Bradley is a Certified Public Accountant that joins Clarifai with experience in public accounting as well as technology startups. He obtained a minor in theatre while he attended West Virginia University. Bradley is passionate about sports, volunteering and enjoys running long distances.
Abhishek Mathur
Senior Product Manager
Abhishek joins Clarifai from IBM, where he shipped Watson Internet of Things' SaaS products and digital strategy. Prior to that, he was a management consultant, advising clients on analytics strategy. Abhi is continuously learning more and more about machine learning, and hopes to see artificial general intelligence someday. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Toronto. When he’s not at work, he can be seen exploring craft beers, trying various cuisines, running, or reading non-fiction books.
Luis Hernandez
Office Manager
Luis joins from Nintendo of America where he spent over a decade keeping facilities running and ending friendships via Mario Kart. He considers himself to be a stormtrooper aficionado (the Death Star was an inside job) and covers his local New York soccer team when he's not watching around the small zoo he has at home.
Matthew Molinari
VP of Business Development
Matt leads business development for Clarifai, focused on partnerships to improve product and grow revenue. Matt has 14 years of experience in business development and has spent the last 10 years at the leading job site, where he scaled the company globally and led efforts that contributed to the company’s billion dollar exit.
Shivani Bhargava
Director of Business Development
Shivani joins Clarifai from Google, where she held various business development, partnership, and sales roles, including most recently with the Android Pay BD team. She is currently in the MBA program at NYU Stern and in her free time she enjoys travel, fitness, reading, live music, and cooking.
Andrew Avallone
Senior Infrastructure Security Analyst
Andrew has been tinkering with electronics and software most of his life, a fair bit of it professionally. With several years of experience in various infrastructure and engineering roles at NYC tech startups Andrew now specializes in InfoSec with a focus on building out security programs. He has a degree from Villanova University and previously served in the US Army. Andrew is a fitness fanatic, a huge fan of Spaghetti Westerns, and a fierce pinball and arcade game competitor.
Duery Gabbidon
Duery is from a freelance design background, which saw him working with companies such as AT&T, Adworks, Meredith Corporation and Animoto, the latter being the precursor to him joining Clarifai. He hails from the Caribbean island of Jamaica, where he graduated from the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts, with a degree (BFA) in Graphic design. While Design is his bread and butter, he's really a Fine Artist underneath it all. He likes playing pool, dancing at parties and going art-hunting on the weekends.
Kunal Batra
Head of Developer Relations
Kunal joins Clarifai from Auth0 where he ran Developer Relations for their identity platform. Prior to that he led US evangelism for SendGrid a developer focused email company. He's passionate about enabling developers to get the tools and resources they need to change the world with software. Outside of work he loves Taco Bell and has had the honor of visiting their test kitchen at Taco Bell HQ.
Andrew McGonnigle
Senior Demand Generation Manager
Andrew joins Clarifai from BetterCloud where he was one of the first marketing hires and lead demand generation. He graduated from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs) and lived in Atlanta (Go Braves / Falcons / Hawks) before moving to NYC. When he’s not building and analyzing marketing campaigns or watching one of his favorite teams (sports!), he’s probably listening to an audio book, traveling, or indulging in NYC’s latest viral food craze.
Taylor Burgess
Frontend Engineer
Taylor joins Clarifai after stints as a freelance full-stack engineer, touring musician, and participant at the Recurse Center, where he focused on clean JavaScript and functional programming. Outside of working and building software, he reads/writes short fiction and poetry (keeping a BA in Literature active) and mixes records.
Tom Woolway
VP of Engineering
Tom joins fresh from an extended trip around Asia. Before that, he led Twitter's Boston engineering office and, previously, their teams in London. He joined Twitter through the acquisition of TweetDeck in 2011. He enjoys running and cycling too far and getting the chance to travel to new and exotic places (like New York).
Phillip Pope
Applied Machine Learning Engineer
Phil is currently finishing his Master's in Data Science at the New College of Florida, where he also studied applied mathematics. Prior to Clarifai, he worked with, an Oxford bike sharing startup, and as a Data Scientist in DC. He loves the smell of fresh data in the morning, and thinking about automation and machine learning. Outside of work, he enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, talking philosophy, and playing piano.

The Interns

John Sloan
Mobile Intern
John graduated from UC Berkeley in 2014 with a BS in Computer Science. He has recently interned at Marvell Semiconductor and spent the last year immersed in iOS development, creating his own app Tracks Music. John is currently pursuing a Master’s in Music Technology at NYU to further explore the intersection of his two biggest passions. You’ll often find John jamming on the guitar, backpacking, or playing tennis.
Prince Wilson
Developer Evangelist Intern
Prince is currently a senior at the University of Central Florida studying Computer Science with a minor in Secure Computing. Prior to Clarifai, Prince worked at State Farm Insurance as a Software Developer and Security Analyst intern. He was also part of the first class of Clarifai Champions! Prince loves educating people about technology and learning from others. Outside of work, he enjoys participating in hackathons and swing dancing. (Plus he is a huge fan of Corgis.)
Kevin Cronly
Mobile Intern
Kevin is currently a senior at NYU studying Computer Science and Statistics, and is re-joining Clarifai after a summer interning at The New York Times. Prior to Clarifai, Kevin worked at Angie's List and a ticket marketplace startup called TickPick. Outside of work, Kevin loves exercising, reading, traveling and eating.

Our backers include

Menlo Ventures
Union Square Ventures
Lux Capital
Google Ventures
Qualcomm Ventures
LDV Capital
Osage University Partners