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A minute with… Ulas Bardak, Vice President of Engineering


Welcome to the new Clarifai!

Introducing Model Evaluation – Test and improve the accuracy of Custom Training Models

Train a Custom Visual Recognition Model using Clarifai’s Python client

#ClarifaiMyHoliday – Win a pair of Snapchat Spectacles by showing us how you see the holidays

CEOpinions: why we build products that put the power of AI into everyone’s hands

Inside NYC’s first AI hackathon, hosted by Clarifai X General Assembly

Compete for glory and prizes at the Clarifai AI hackathon

What food is this? Food recognition technology can tell you!

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See sharper with Clarifai’s new C# client

We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of our new official Clarifai C# client. This has been our most requested library and we’re stoked to release it!

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Clarifai Featured Hack: Use AI to Tune-Up Your Online Dating Profile

If it feels like you’re putting in a lot of swiping to get one good date, it might be because of your profile picture. Tune-up is an app that analyzes your picture and gives feedback so that you’ll have a greater chance of being paired with someone that you’ll actually like.


Goodbye Forevery. Hello future.

Inside Clarifai HQ


The holiday season is already upon us and to celebrate, we wanted to give back to our community by giving you a chance to win swag and a Force1 Drone.


Clarifai-powered Adobe Lightroom plugin automatically sorts your photos by image quality

With our recently released Landscape Quality and Portrait Quality models, we built an Adobe Lightroom plugin for photographers to use to automatically sort high quality photos from low quality ones. This helps make the post-processing workflow more efficient by filtering out blurry, over-exposed, and otherwise low quality images!


Build a command line app that sorts your photos by quality

With our new Landscape Quality and Portrait Quality models, photographers can now quickly identify which images are of high quality and prioritize working on them while leaving the rest for later. In this post, we’ll walk through building a command line application that will sort all of your photos by quality using these models.

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Introducing Landscape Quality, Portrait Quality, and Textures & Patterns Visual Recognition Models

Being in the business of computer vision, we deal a lot with photos – good and bad. But what makes a photo “good” vs. “bad” – the composition? The lighting? The way it makes you feel? We decided to try and distill those elements into an algorithm to help photographers and media managers sort through large volumes of content to find the highest quality images and video.  


How Clarifai builds accurate and unbiased AI technology

At Clarifai, we have a team called the Data Strategy Team, a group of conscientious, diverse people who train our visual recognition models. They ensure we’re building accurate, unbiased AI – learn about what they do and how you can apply their best practices to your own model building!


How Visual Similarity and Custom Metadata can Enhance Your Search

Data can be thought of simply as a thing we want to remember for future use. Metadata helps describe the data we’re trying to remember. So when we are putting it in context of visual similarity, we are adding metadata to describe inputs (data) that may not be visually distinguishable. Here’s what that means for searching images!

Built with Clarifai ClarifaiFeatured Hacks

Clarifai Featured Hack: Val.ai is a parking app for your self-driving car

What are self-driving cars supposed to do after they’re done driving you? It’s not a trick question, it’s a real problem that a team at TechCrunch Disrupt solved using Clarifai. Val.ai is an app that lets self-driving cars self-bid for self-parking spots.


Search images by visual similarity with the Clarifai API

When you’re searching for images, words are often not enough to find exactly what you need. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just show your computer a picture and say, “Find me images that look like this?” With the Clarifai API, you can search for any image by visual similarity – here’s how!