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Clarifai Featured Hack: Perfect your workout technique with Monopose

Monopose is an app that uses visual recognition to help you perform workout exercises with flawless technique. With Monopose, you can finally make sense of all those complicated machines at the gym!

Built with ClarifaiClarifai Featured Hacks

Five mind-blowingly intelligent AI apps built on Clarifai, featuring Twilio, West Elm, Dev.to, + more

With all the innovative applications and awesome educational resources that our community has been creating, we wanted to showcase some of our favorites to inspire you to start tinkering with machine learning technology. Here’s our roundup of the best of the best developer apps from July!

Usage-based pricing helps developers validate ideas quickly and go to market faster

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Inside Clarifai HQ: And the A.I. said, ‘Let there be interns’

Summer is the time for sun, fun, and of course, interns! The cool thing about interning at a startup like Clarifai is interns have the opportunity to make a huge impact in just a short amount of time. Meet our 2016 summer intern class and see what they’re working on!

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Search and view all your photos in one place with Forevery & Google Drive

The latest Forevery Photo update lets you connect Google Drive with Forevery on your iPhone! With GDrive and the Dropbox integration we announced last month, you can now search and view all your photos in the cloud and on your phone in one place!

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Clarifai Champions: Developing the next generation of developer evangelists

When we launched Clarifai Champions earlier this year, our goal was to help developers master developer evangelism skills. Well, the program turned out to be a massively rewarding experience for everyone involved – most of all, us! Read on for the 2016 recap and how to be a part of next year’s class of Champions!


#CrimesAgainstAI – Win prizes from Clarifai in the ultimate visual recognition test

Image recognition is hard. You know what’s harder? Stumping our image recognition API. But, the internet being the land of the weird and the home of the strange, we sometimes come across images that even our superior artificial (and human!) intelligence struggles to identify. These images are known as #CrimesAgainstHumanity and we want you to help us find them!

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The best alternative to Dropbox Carousel, brought to you by the Forevery photo app

With the latest Forevery app update, you can get all the functionality of Carousel (and more!) without having to migrate a single photo from Dropbox. Pretty slick, huh? Read all about our new Forevery app features and be sure to download our FREE app for iOS.

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How to use Clarifai to protect your eyes from seeing something they can’t unsee

Follow along with our quick and simple developer tutorial to learn how to use the Not Safe for Work (NSFW) adult content moderation model. The possibilities are endless and your eyeballs will thank you later, trust us.

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Women in Machine Learning & Data Science @Clarifai

At Clarifai, we’re always striving to be a model of diversity and inclusion in the tech world. We were super excited to have the chance to host New York City’s Women in Machine Learning & Data Science meetup last week.

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Introducing Clarifai Bounties – earn rewards and recognition with your hacks

Love the Clarifai API but stuck on what to build next? Take a look at our new Clarifai Bounties page, where we give away money, swag, and fleeting internet fame to people who complete our missions. Get inspired by our wacky prompts and show us your creativity!

Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide to Visual Recognition APIs

It can be really hard to keep up with all the visual recognition API companies out there, so we created this guide to help you decide which visual recognition API is right for you.

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How to tag, organize, and find photos on your iPhone with Forevery app

We designed the Forevery photo app to be intuitive and easy to use, but that doesn’t mean we won’t post some video tutorials for you anyway! Watch these two-minute video screencasts for a full walkthrough of our amazing app.

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Clarifai Champions: Building the next generation of technical evangelists

Sign up for Clarifai Champions, a project-based online course and mentorship program designed to help you master developer evangelism skills like technical communication, community building, API skills, public speaking, and more!

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We launched the Forevery Photo app a week ago … so now what?

Thank you all for downloading our Forevery Photo app – we’re thrilled with the traction we’re getting and can’t wait to grow in 2016!

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Meet Forevery, our new AI-powered mobile app for every photo in your camera roll

We’re excited to announce the launch of Forevery, a new photo organization and sharing app powered by Clarifai’s visual recognition platform.

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AMA – Ask Matt Anything: thoughts on machine learning, starting a business, and love

Can robots fall in love? Matt answers this and other important questions in CodeMentor’s AMA session!

Dan Kantor joins Clarifai as Director of Product

Welcome Dan Kantor as our new Director of Product who will be making sure we are offering the right products that fit all your needs.

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Live Webcast this Wednesday 8/12/2015, speaker Caroline McCaffery

Join our General Counsel Caroline McCaffery to discuss newly enacted cyber security laws that affect all of us.

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Caroline McCaffery joins Clarifai as General Counsel

Caroline McCaffery has joined Clarifai as our General Counsel because our users’ security is super important to us!