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Clarifai Champions: Building the next generation of technical evangelists

By Cassidy Williams

Here’s your chance to sign up for Clarifai Champions, a project-based online course and mentorship program designed to help you master developer evangelism skills like technical communication, community building, API skills, public speaking, and more!

At Clarifai, our vision is to answer every question with artificial intelligence. That means enabling people of all skill levels to build real solutions to real problems with our developer-friendly API. Not only do we want to help you build cool apps, we also want to give back to the developer community and inspire, teach, and equip you to achieve every goal you have. That’s why we’re excited to announce our Clarifai Champions program!

The Clarifai Champions program is designed to help you support your software developer community with Clarifai technologies. As you learn about developer outreach and the tech community, we will help you:

  • Organize your first hackathon
  • Apply to speak at conferences
  • Build your technical speaking chops
  • Put together technical writing projects
  • Find and create open source projects to which you can contribute
  • Hack with Clarifai’s API on some cool projects
  • And moooore

If you’re interested in being a developer evangelist, becoming more active in the developer community, building your API skills, getting mentorship, or just wanting to improve your technical communication skills, this program is for you!

The details:

Clarifai Champions is a FREE program from Jan 25, 2016 to April 29, 2016. Anyone can apply and attend – you do NOT need to be a Clarifai customer!

What you’ll get:
  • A full-bodied project-based online course with delightful hints of citrus, cinnamon, cocoa, and all the tips and skills you need to become a successful developer evangelist
  • Regular available office hours with Clarifai dev evangelists
  • Some legit Clarifai swag
  • The top evangelists from the program will be flown out to our NYC headquarters for a day! More details will be given during the program.
What you’ll learn:

First Segment: Technical Writing


  • Write a technical blog post about anything you’d like and publish it
  • Write a Clarifai API tutorial for some specific demographic of your choice

Second Segment: Public Speaking


  • Write a technical talk proposal and submit it to a conference
  • Choice: Record a technical video blog about a given topic OR give a talk at an event (doesn’t have to be the same as your proposal)

Third Segment: Events + Mentorship


  • Organize an event. Whether it be a hackathon, a meetup, or a workshop, put together something where you can mentor others and help them learn how to make something awesome and learn something new.

Fourth Segment: Technical Demos/Projects


  • Free-for-all demo: Make a technical project that showcases how to put together something basic with some API or unusual language/technology.
  • Contribute to open source: Find any open source project you like and make a PR.
  • Clarifai app: Make a Clarifai app that showcases how easy it is to integrate the API.
How to apply:

Applications open December 27, 2015
Applications close January 8, 2016
Acceptances sent out January 15, 2016
Program starts and ends January 25, 2016 – April 29, 2016


To keep the program valuable to participants, we’re limiting the number of Champions.

We’re looking for devs who have:

  • A demonstrated interest in software development, technical documentation, public speaking, and/or developer events
    Side projects
  • Active participation in the tech community
  • A passion for empowering others
  • Excitement for developer-centric products (like Clarifai’s API!)