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The best alternative to Dropbox Carousel, brought to you by the Forevery photo app

By Jack Rogers

With the latest Forevery app update, you can get all the functionality of Carousel (and more!) without having to migrate a single photo from Dropbox. Pretty slick, huh? Read more all about our Forevery app features and be sure to download our FREE app for iOS.

Fantastic news for all you Dropbox users – we just “dropped” an update for the Forevery photo app that allows you to integrate with Dropbox! Now, all of Forevery’s handy, futuristic image recognition and search functionality can be used with all the pictures you save on Dropbox.

With the demise of Dropbox’s Carousel app a couple weeks ago, we wanted to offer the best possible alternative to everyone looking for a simple photo management solution. Nothing could be simpler than keeping all your photos right where they are in Dropbox and adding a layer of artificially intelligent image organization on top of them!

Here’s how to enable Dropbox in Forevery:

Open up the app settings

Connect Dropbox to Forevery

Wait for images to sync

Dropbox isn’t the only new feature we added in this release – we also added commenting on shared stories, complete with automatic emoji recommendations! Now you can share all your unsolicited opinions and thoughts with your loved ones:

Open your shared stories

Select an image in your story

Comment away

Lastly, we made it easier to share your photos to Instagram and thus easier for you to become Instafamous – you’re welcome. Don’t forget to give us your feedback and praise when the prompt pops up! 😀

Select a story and share

Allow Instagram sharing

Send us your love

If you already downloaded Forevery, all you have to do is update your app from the iTunes store. If you haven’t downloaded Forevery yet, get it now!