Workflow helps to write well structured email for both personal and professional settings.



Email Writing 

This workflow helps draft emails for both personal and professional by providing a prompt or brief outline that are tailored to the recipient's tone, style, and the intended message, ensuring that communication is effective and appropriate for the context.

Model used

This workflow uses the GPT-4 Turbo Model with defined prompt template optimized for writing emails.

Providing the right prompt to LLM is the key to getting exceptional results. It should include details about your product, target audience, goals for sending the email and other details you want to have in your email

Including following thing in your prompt could generate a good email: 

  1. Define the purpose or intension of the email
  2. Including the recipient detail 
  3. Write a short description about the intension and information of product or service you want to include in email

How to use the Email Writing workflow? 

Using Clarifai SDK

Export your PAT as an environment variable. Then, import and initialize the API Client.

Find your PAT in your security settings.

export CLARIFAI_PAT={your personal access token}

Prediction with the workflow

from clarifai.client.workflow import Workflow

workflow_url = ''

text = 'An invitation to Clarifai employees to volunteer as mentors for our upcoming Hackathon on April 7th, 2024. As a mentor job is to keep an eye on the Discord channel for any questions and help answer them. If you're stuck, don't hesitate to ask other Clarifai folks for assistance. Most importantly, be there to cheer on and support the hackers throughout the event'

summarisation = Workflow(workflow_url).predict_by_bytes( text.encode(), input_type="text")

# Get workflow results

Using Workflow

To utilize the Email writing workflow, you can input text through the Blue Plus Try your own Input button and it will output the well written structured email.

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    Workflow helps to write well structured email for both personal and professional settings.
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    Mar 22, 2024
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