AI workflow for detecting regions of images or videos that contain hate symbols



Hate Symbol Detection Workflow

This workflow is wrapped around Hate symbol-detector that detects the ADL-recognized hate symbol.

Hate symbol-detector detects the presence and location of an ADL-recognized hate symbol in any image. The taxonomy for v1 contains two concepts:

  • • Confederate battle flag: The battle flag features a blue cross, edged with a white band on a red field. There are three stars on each arm of the cross and one star in the centre.
  • • Swastika: swastika, equilateral cross with arms bent at right angles, all in the same rotary direction, usually clockwise. The swastika as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune is widely distributed throughout the ancient and modern world.

Run Hate Symbol Detector workflow 

Using Clarifai SDK

Export your PAT as an environment variable. Then, import and initialize the API Client.

Find your PAT in your security settings.

export CLARIFAI_PAT={your personal access token}

Prediction with the workflow

from clarifai.client.workflow import Workflow

workflow_url = ''

image_url = ""

prediction = Workflow(workflow_url).predict_by_url(image_url, input_type="image")

# Get workflow results

Using Workflow

To utilize the Hate Symbol Detector workflow, you can input images through the Blue Plus Try your own Input button and it will output the detection results of concepts.

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    AI workflow for detecting regions of images or videos that contain hate symbols
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    Apr 01, 2024
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