Custom Training

Teach Clarifai to recognize any concept in your world with Custom Training

Use your own vocabulary

Teach Clarifai to recognize concepts using your own vocabulary and taxonomy instead of general terms.

Understand any new concept

Train Clarifai to recognize any new concept in seconds with just a handful of examples and no coding required.

Improve categorization and search

Get better results when browsing and searching your content by training Clarifai to recognize more concepts.
Custom Training

How it works


You create a Custom Model with our API


You teach the Custom Model new concepts by uploading example images


You pass new images through your Custom Model


Your Custom Model now recognizes your new concepts!

See how others use Clarifai

Just a few examples of how Clarifai is being used for personalized visual recognition solutions.
Social Media
Train a model to recognize unique concepts
A leader in endoscopic technology, i-Nside uses a custom visual recognition model in their mobile endoscopic tool to help doctors diagnose ear diseases all over the world with 99% accuracy. Read more.
Clarifai differentiates itself by providing tools and solutions that businesses and healthcare specialists can use right now, not in ten years. With Clarifai built into our product, we’re achieving 99% accuracy with our visual diagnostic tool!
Dr. Laurent Schmoll, i-Nside CEO
Empower non-technical teams to train AI
Using Clarifai’s Custom Training user interface, a well-known eCommerce platform enables their non-technical moderation team to train Clarifai to recognize new SKUs without a single line of code.
Get actionable insights from data
With 70% of social media content being visual, a well-known consumer brand uses Clarifai to recognize when their logo or products appear in social media in order to fully understand the sentiment around their brand.

Custom solutions for any use case

Explore the ways Clarifai can help you "see" any image to solve any problem.
Quick & Easy Setup
Train a Custom Model in seconds with just a handful of example images
Visualize Results
We provide a clean, intuitive UI to enable Custom Training and view your results
Constant Improvement
Provide feedback to your Custom Model for instantaneous improvements to your results
Unlimited Models
We support multiple Custom Models, whether you need one for each application or one for each customer