Clarifai helps you automatically group, sort, and categorize visual content

Effortlessly manage large media libraries

Organize your collection of media assets through auto-tagging and categorization.

Save time searching for image & video content

Easily find any image or video through tag search or visual similarity.

Engage your audience with better content

Curate more relevant content and improve your site’s search results for your users.

How it works


You send images to the Clarifai API


Clarifai’s visual recognition model processes your images in real-time


The Clarifai API returns predictions on what’s in your images


Use your new metadata to organize and curate your media

See how others use Clarifai

Just a few examples of how Clarifai is being used to organize and discover content.
Media & Entertainment
Stock Photography
Social Media
Curate better content
StyleMePretty receives tens of thousands of user-submitted wedding photos every day. Using Clarifai, StyleMePretty built a scalable and accurate way to handle the constant flow of user-generated content, enabling their editorial team to curate better stories. Read more.
Using Clarifai’s visual recognition API solution, we’re now able to collect and analyze 10x as many images as we did using manual tagging. Clarifai scales with us as we grow, so the returns will be even higher in the future.
Tait Larson, StyleMePretty CTO
Help customers discover new content
Foap is a fast-growing online photography marketplace that receives thousands of new user-uploaded photos every day. In order to connect brands with the images they’re looking for, Foap uses Clarifai to consistently tag all these photos to make them easily searchable. Read more.
Clarifai helps increase the chances for people to sell their photos by surfacing the right image to the right buyer at the right time. Clarifai is now the absolute core of Foap’s tagging mechanism, making images findable in the Foap marketplace.
David Los, Foap Founder & CEO
Understand untagged content is an app that predicts your Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality type based on your photos and videos. By integrating Clarifai visual recognition technlogy with Instagram, is able to automatically understand your images and organize them by abstract concepts like happiness. Read more.
I really really liked how easy Clarifai was to use. Provide it a url or a bunch of urls and BOOM, words. I used the Node.js client and it was so simple! team

Organize all your content

Explore the ways Clarifai can help you organize your content with image and video recognition.
Customized Models
Train your own model in seconds. Use your own vocabulary and taxonomy to recognize new concepts.
Quick & Easy Setup
Get up and running with our Python, NodeJS, Java, Go, Ruby, Haskell, and R clients
Secure & Scalable
We support volumes in the billions with a scalable, usage-based pricing model
Plug & Play Models
Choose the right pre-made model that fits your needs - general, food, nudity, travel, & more