Get Results: Create. Predict. Search.

Clarifai starts by helping you see the content, while pre-built or custom models can then understand that content to make decisions.

With Clarifai Create, Predict, and Search, you determine which types of decisions you want Clarifai AI to make.

Clarifai Explorer

A user interface to Create

Clarifai was the first company to offer custom AI training inside a simple drag and drop interface. Clarifai Explorer allows you to preview all the inputs you add, perform searches and train new models. Getting started is easy. Get your free API Key!


Clarifai Create lets you create a model using your own custom concepts.

It starts with you adding inputs (images) that you already know contain the concepts you are interested in. You then create a model, telling it which concepts it contains.

After creating the model, you ‘train’ it to learn based on the images and concepts you provided. Once trained, you can use that model to predict those concepts on new images, instantly enabling search for that concept across your data.


Clarifai Predict analyzes your images and tells you what's inside of them.

For every image input, Clarifai models will return a list of concepts, each with a probability score of how likely it is the concept is visible in the image.

You can tell Clarifai Predict which model (which ‘group of concepts’) to use. A model will only ‘see’ the concepts it contains, but you can use different models to analyze images in different ways, concurrently.


Clarifai Search lets you search by concept. Or by image.

Get ranked results based on the probability your images contain that concept. Or search for images using images.

By using an image as your search query, Clarifai Search can then return image results, ranked by how similar they are to the image provided in the query.

So...what’s a model anyway?

Models are the backbone of Clarifai Predict and Clarifai Search.
Models interpret input information (such as an image or a video)
to make decisions.

Pre-Built Models

Get started quickly by using our out-of-the-box image-recognition models, suited to real-world business needs. Choose our General model, NSFW, Food and more.

Custom Models

Clarifai makes it easy to build a custom model that fits your business needs. Getting started is simple.

But for AI.


The foundation of Clarifai technology. CORE (Cognitive Object Recognition Engine) is the data network underlying the AI solutions Clarifai builds for your business.

Great AI thrives on dynamic and diverse data, so if you use our CORE platform, you can also choose to provide data anonymously and securely so that everyone benefits from our growing network.