Clarifai Enterprise Services

Clarifai’s team of experts are here to help you every step of the way as you integrate computer vision AI into your technology stack.

Flexible Service Options Catered to Your Needs

We work alongside you to help realize your vision, whether you need one-off help, annual, or multi-year support from Clarifai, we work you as a partner committed to your success.

Core Enterprise Platform Services

  • Custom Model Building Service- Clarifai experts will build your models or work alongside you to help your team learn how to build it on Clarifai's UI platform.
  • Pre-Trained & Custom Model License -Gain access to all our pre-trained models in addition to any custom models for your use case.
  • Hosting & Maintaining Models - Clarifai will host your models on our servers and maintain the backend infrastructure to support them.
  • Model Retrainings - Our Data Strategists will retrain your model to incorporate feedback data and will add a few additional concepts if they are needed to improve performance after you have deployed it into your production environment.
  • Custom Model Prediction Operations - Make 1M monthly operations or more under our Enterprise plans.
  • Hosted Training Images - Store images on Clarifai to train the model on our servers at no additional cost.
  • Multiple Deployment Options - Take advantage of Clarifai’s cloud API, mobile and edge SDKs, and network-isolated on-premise deployment options.

Enterprise Professional Services

  • Service & Support Level Agreement - We guarantee a 95.5% uptime SLA. In the unlikely event that your service is interrupted, we will provide service credits to make things right.
  • Data Strategy Consultation - Receive one dedicated Senior Data Strategist who will get to know your business, build models on your behalf, offer guidance on model improvements, and answer your questions in a weekly call during the building phase.
  • Client Success - Receive your own private point of contact to guide you through the entire onboarding process and ensure everything keeps on track.
  • Testing & Evaluation Support - Visualize your model output with Clarifai’s advanced model evaluation tools. Clarifai’s computer vision experts will provide guidance on which metrics to use in different circumstances.
  • Thresholding Recommendations - We’ll help you determine where to place your thresholds to optimize for precision, recall, or volume.
  • Hyperparameter Optimization - Through our platform, hand-select the neural network’s unique properties to achieve the most performant model possible.
  • Integration Engineering Consultation - A Clarifai engineer will guide you through best practices for integration on a technical implementation call and answer any questions from your dev team.
  • Priority Support - Once a model is up and running, you’ll have your support queries answered ahead of the queue should any issues arise.
  • Early Access to Beta Products - You’ll get a sneak peek into our roadmap and early access to new state-of-the-art releases.
  • Co-Marketing - Our Marketing team will put together content tailored to your target audience to build buzz around our partnership. We can co-host events, write case studies, draft blog content, and more!

Optional Add-On Services

  • Increased Rate Limit - Clarifai’s standard rate limit is 10 QPS, but if you require a higher limit we can accommodate this for an additional fee. See pricing options in the appendix below.
  • Data Augmentation - Access Clarifai’s proprietary data lake to augment your data.
  • Performance Package - Leverage Clarifai experts for code review, code recommendations, technical support, testing & deployment.