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How to tag, organize, and find photos on your iPhone with Forevery app

By Amy Liu

We designed the Forevery photo app to be intuitive and easy to use, but that doesn’t mean we won’t post some video tutorials for you anyway! Watch these two-minute video screencasts for a full walkthrough of our amazing app.
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We’re pretty proud of building Forevery – not just the futuristic technology that makes it tick, but also the clean and intuitive user interface that makes it such a pleasure to use. When you open our app, you can pretty much figure out what to do right off the bat. But, we still want to make resources available to help you navigate all the cool features our app has to offer, so take a look at these short and sweet video tutorials on how to Forevery!

Part 1: Getting started

Download Forevery from the iTunes store and create an account using your phone number (it’s more secure than using a username/password to log in). The Forevery app will sync with all the photos on your camera roll, so let it run in the foreground or background on your phone until the import is complete. If you have privacy concerns about importing your photos, you can view our privacy policy in the app or right here.

Part 2: Searching your photos

You can find any photo on your phone using Forevery. Our app automatically applies tags to all of your photos – no more dealing with crowded folder hierarchies and difficult-to-maintain albums. So if you’re looking for that picture of your #hubby on the #beach playing #frisbee, you can find it in an instant!

Part 3: Tagging people

You can teach Forevery to recognize the important people in your life in your photos. All you have to do is select a few pictures of the person you are trying to tag, and our accurate facial recognition technology does the rest.

Part 4: Tagging places and things

Our app also automatically applies tags for places and things to your photos. All of your photos will be tagged by location according to your phone’s geodata. Your photos will also be tagged with over 11,000 objects, ideas, themes, and feelings that apply to each picture. And if 11,000 concepts aren’t enough, you can personalize the app by teaching it to recognize custom concepts like “Pikachu” or “Louis Vuitton.” Each new tag you create is automatically applied to relevant photos on your camera roll and also any future photo you take!

Part 5: Using the camera

If you use our in-app camera, tags will immediately be applied to every photo you take. It takes less than a second to see the magic happen!

Part 6: Sharing photos and stories

Forevery automatically generates photo stories with charming titles for you to share with your friends. You can share them at the push of a button to anyone in your contact list or the social media platform of your choice.

Part 7: App settings and stuff

You can send us feedback in-app via the settings menu. Tell us whether you think Forevery is excellent or excrement – we’d love to hear your honest feedback. You can also review the privacy policy and terms and conditions within the settings menu, and you can delete your account (nooooooo whyyyyyy).

We hope these tutorials have been helpful! Keep in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know how we can make Forevery even better!

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