Simplifies text into a concise paragraph




This workflow helps to summarise a few sentences or paragraphs in bullet points. 

Model used 

This workflow uses the GPT-4 Turbo Model for summarising the text which has a remarkable 128K context window length. 

How to use the Summarisation workflow? 

Using Clarifai SDK

Export your PAT as an environment variable. Then, import and initialize the API Client.

Find your PAT in your security settings.

export CLARIFAI_PAT={your personal access token}

Prediction with the workflow 

from clarifai.client.workflow import Workflow

workflow_url = ''

text = ''

summarisation = Workflow(workflow_url).predict_by_bytes( text.encode(), input_type="text")

# Get workflow results

Using Workflow

To utilize the Summarisation workflow, you can input text through the Blue Plus Try your own Input button and it will output the summarised text.

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    Simplifies text into a concise paragraph
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    Mar 18, 2024
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