Clarifai helps you moderate and filter owned and user-generated content without manual intervention

Protect your brand from unwanted content

Automatically filter or flag unwanted media from user-generated content or product listings.

Improve your user experience

Instantly moderate user-generated content without the need to wait for human moderation or manual review.

Save time and money through automation

Augment your human moderators and speed up their workflows by automatically tagging each image and video.
Moderation & Filtering

How it works


You send images to the Clarifai API


Clarifai’s visual recognition model processes your images in real-time


The Clarifai API returns predictions of potentially unwanted images


Automatically reject flagged images or pass them to your team for review

See how others use Clarifai

Just a few examples of how Clarifai is being used to moderate and filter content.
Online Comments
Online Marketplace
Social Media
Protect users from unwanted content
Disqus powers online commenting for 3+ million sites. Using Clarifai’s Not Safe for Work (NSFW) visual recognition model, Disqus makes life better for moderators and communities by blocking unwanted nudity and potentially offensive content on their platform. Read more.
NSFW content is one category that requires some form of manual moderation to mitigate on non-adult content sites. Unlike spam or trolls, this isn’t something you’d expect to wander across while reading comments about the Batman vs. Superman movie. A couple of months ago, I learned about Clarifai’s new NSFW model and immediately thought: we need this on Disqus!
Tony Hue, Disqus product marketer
Prevent illegal listings
Online marketplaces connect buyers with sellers through user-uploaded product listings. To protect their community and brand, a well-known online auction site uses Clarifai’s visual recognition API to moderate and filter illegal and contraband items such as weapons and drugs from their site.
Keep your content on-brand
Social media can be a treasure trove for authentic user-generated content. A well-known beauty brand filters social media for images that deviate from its "natural beauty" brand aesthetic. Using Clarifai’s API, this brand is able to protect its marketing campaigns from off-brand content.

High accuracy, low effort moderation

Explore the ways Clarifai can empower your organization with image and video recognition.
Plug & Play Models
Block nudity, weapons, drugs, and live animals with our nudity recognition and marketplace moderation models
Customized Models
Train your own model in seconds! Recognize anything from logos to unwanted products to off-brand images
Quick & Easy Setup
Get up and running with our Python, NodeJS, Java, Go, Ruby, Haskell, and R clients
Secure & Scalable
We support volumes in the billions with a scalable, usage-based pricing model