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Search and view all your photos in one place with Forevery & Google Drive

By Wendy Lin

The latest Forevery Photo update lets you connect Google Drive with Forevery on your iPhone! With GDrive and the Dropbox integration we announced last month, you can now search and view all your photos in the cloud and on your phone in one place. Check out our Forevery app features and be sure to download our FREE app for iOS!

I don’t know about you, but my photos are everywhere. Some are on my phone, a good portion are on Dropbox in a mishmash of folders, and a few hundred are even on Google Photos (mostly from friends who had previously or are currently working at Google and insist on sharing all photos this way).

Maybe, I told myself, after I retire I will spend some time sorting through all my photos. Maybe I will do this on Mars. Maybe I will trick my grandkids into doing it.

Well, with today’s Forevery Photo update, I no longer have to imagine ways to pawn off the task. Now, I can just integrate Dropbox and Google Drive and search and browse all my pics from one universal, artificially-intelligent, super accurate search bar:

Woohoo! May my grandkids frolic on the Martian fields as children are supposed to.

PS — note that it takes a while to sync all photos across Google Drive and Dropbox the first time around (especially if you have thousands of photos). Luckily, this can all be done in the background if you turn on “Background App Refresh” – just connect, let the app do its thing, and check back later.